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How to create a welcoming Bathroom space


   According to some statistics, U.S. citizens spend a staggering 30 minutes in the toilet every single day. While we remain unsure as to the corresponding statistic for the UK, we can imagine that it is similar and this underlines the need for an inviting and welcoming bathroom space. This is particularly important when you consider that you may also welcome visitors into your home on a daily basis, as it is important to convey and warmth and positive energy to all cross the threshold of your property.

How to create an inviting Bathroom Space

While the need to create an inviting business space may be pressing, however, you will not want to invest huge amounts in this endeavour. With this in mind, here are three ideas for achieving your goals on a budget: –

Integrate plants into the space

To begin with, you should consider what you can add to the space to infuse warmth without cluttering your bathroom. We would recommend added some carefully selected and seasonal potted plants, as these add depth, textures and a hint of colour to an occasionally drab interior space. Not only does the typical bathroom’s abundance of water and humid air quality provide a suitable environment for plants, but options such as Bamboo and Aloe Vera can also thrive with minimal natural light.

Add colour where possible

The issue with bathrooms is that they tend to limit our imagination when it comes to décor. As a purely functional room, it is tempting to decorate them with standard tones such as white or aqua blue, despite the fact that these create a cold and sterile environment. Instead, consider introducing bolder pastel shades such as mint green or yellow, while it may also be worth integrating colour simply by adding vibrant fittings and accessories. This is simple to achieve and can be done so on a budget, too.

Personalise the space

The final step is to infuse personality into the space, whether this is your dream home for life or one that you intend to sell in the future. This act is often frowned upon by home-owners, so the key is to invest in impermanent changes that help you to stamp your unique persona on the space. Consider hanging tasteful artwork in your bathroom, for example, or creating your own using stencils or unique color combinations. You can also install modular, free-standing storage solutions that can be changed, shifted or removed over time, as this helps your bathroom to grow with you and your family.