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Warming Bathroom Designs for the Winter

Could there be anything worse than stepping from a hot shower onto a cold, tiled floor and reaching for a towel which hasn’t been heated in the dead of winter, web doesn’t think so. The bathrooms experts frequently hear from their clients that they want to create a bathroom which will combat the winter chill and allow them to enjoy their morning or evening shower without worrying about frostbite when they get out. Read on to find out their exclusive tips for a toasty, cozy bathroom.

First off, to give the impression of warmth, you should switch up your color scheme. Sterile, white bathrooms can often appear much colder than they actually are, no matter how sleek and minimalist they may seem. Add some brightly colored accents into the room, whether it is in the form of some feature tiling, a new bath mat and shower curtain set, or a quirky bathroom cupboard that will add an element of coziness. Red, orange, yellow and pink bathrooms are not conventionally seen, but adding some of these colors to a plain white room can warm it up in seconds.

Next, look to your existing heating appliances. For many larger bathrooms, a single heated towel rail will not suffice; those with more space than average should seek to install a radiator or some other form of heating device to ensure that the room is warm enough at all times. Smaller bathrooms can often get away with vertical towel rails for heating purposes as well as warming towels, and they are great space savers in cloakrooms and en-suites, where a radiator might not be necessary.

If you are looking to completely rip out your existing bathroom and start from scratch, there is no better choice than under-floor heating, especially for those concerned about the temperature of the room. Hydronic under-floor heating uses tubes to pump heated water beneath the floor, almost like a radiator, while dry systems utilize electric cables to produce the same effect; simply turn it on before you get into the shower and enjoy a cozy room and a pleasantly warm floor when you step out. This type of installation should only be carried out by a professional, but the extra expense will be worth it if you never have to step onto freezing cold tiles again.

For those who are simply looking for a little boost to the heat levels in their bathroom, there are a number of options. Heated toilet seats, for example, are a great little treat for those who dread their bathroom trips in the dead of winter during the night. They provide optimum comfort and they’re not overly expensive to acquire or install. Supplemental heaters are also good for bathrooms, which tend to leak heat, and they can then be removed and placed somewhere else when the temperature is no longer a problem. Heated robe hooks, steam showers and even bath tubs with heated liners are also available on the market nowadays, to ensure that your days of shivering in a wintry bathroom are well and truly over.