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Designing a Functional and Timeless Bathroom


A quick scan of Google reveals that there are hundreds of landing pages offering relevant and topical design trends for the home, many of which relate to core areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom. Further inspection reveals that many of these articles contradict one another, making it exceptionally difficult for home-owners to make sound and informed decisions. This is especially true in the bathroom, which must now serve as a function and well-designed space that offers something on multiple levels.

3 Tips for Designing a Multipurpose and Timeless Bathroom space

While all design projects must be based on personal tastes and preferences, those in search of a multipurpose and timeless bathroom design can follow a number of viable guidelines. These include: –

Make Decor a Priority

In terms of creating a timeless design, your choice of décor is seminal. Whether you are aiming for sleek and stylish design or something suitable for a family residence, the key is to focus on patterns, texture and colour schemes that will not become outdated or unsuitable over time. This can be hard to achieve, but you can start by eliminating any plans to create a nursery themed bathroom once you have given birth to a child.

With this in mind, you are best served by integrating a neutral colour scheme and sustainable textures, while also avoiding potentially divisive elements that will polarise opinion and destabilise the harmony in your bathroom.

Optimise Space and Available Storage

In aesthetic rooms such as a lounge or a master bedroom, there is a focus on creating the illusion of space and luxury. A slightly different principle applies in primarily functional spaces like the bathroom, however, where is important to optimise the floor space available without impacting on the amount of storage available. This storage must also cater for multiple needs, from children’s toys to toiletries and towels.

Start by planning the layout of your bathroom carefully, prioritising items and ensuring that these have their own, unique space. If you need to create additional space for extra material possessions, consider investing in innovative and hidden storage options that can add functionality without creating a tight and cluttered space.

Make your Bathroom safe and Suitable for Children

We have already touched on the importance of a timeless design, although this also demands that your bathroom is flexible and capable of adapting to changing needs. Even if you do not have children when you design the bathroom, for example, you may well start a family in the future and when this time comes you will need to have a safe layout that is suitable for children. Without this, your design will quickly become outdated and subsequently a costly overhaul.

To create a safe and timeless bathroom, make sure that all bathroom cabinets have locks on them. This may be relatively easy to do retrospectively, but it saves time and money by doing it in the first instance. In addition to this, it is also wise to ensure that you eliminate all sharp corners within the space, while getting to the habit of storing all cleaning materials and substances out of reach in the kitchen. Thermostatic mixer taps are also great investments, as they prevent the water from becoming too hot too quickly.