Sprucing Up Your Wood Floors


It’s quite amazing how the look of new floors adds to any house. Often times people think they need to purchase new furniture, or perhaps do an entire kitchen update to spruce up the home. In reality it’s the simple and less costly improvements that make the most different, like improving flooring and doing some painting. Fortunately these tasks can both be accomplished by even an inexperienced homeowner rather than an outside contractor.

If you have been thinking about replacing those old wooden floors with tile or laminate, stop. You can use wood floor varnish to give your floors new life. These products give you a range of options as well. You can achieve a satin, gloss, or matt finish. For those of you who are environmentally conscious these are all natural green products. It’s a water based product that is odorless with quick drying technology, so once you put on the first coat you won’t have to wait long for the final application. Last but certainly not least, there is a product that is designed for high traffic areas we well. We all know that some rooms in the house are used much more often than others, and just as carpet wears with more walking so do wood floors.

If you are looking to renew the natural finish of your current floors, and simply wanted a protecting sealant applied then there are other products that would work well. Wood floor oil is excellent for keeping the natural unfinished look of floors. There are several qualities, almost too many to list. You never have to worry about the yellowing that comes with some of those other oil products. These are also eco-friendly products with an odorless scent and quick drying technology. Just as with the varnish, even the average homeowner can apply the oil. A simple roller technology allows for quick application, and you don’t need all that expensive equipment like a buffer. In fact, even commercial buildings can use this product on a larger scale. Best of all it is relatively maintenance free, with some simple upkeep these oils can keep our wood floors looking good for years to come.

So before you go out and spend a ton of money on pedestrian tile flooring, or cheap laminate, consider spending less money to retain the sophistication and quality of your existing wood floors. Not only will it look better, but it will cost less.