How much doe sit really Costs to Install a New Air Conditioner

One thing which has consistently helped humans to improve their life is Technology. With Technological advancements, man is able to make things happen which may almost seem like miracle. Let it be a task that requires a mammoth effort and there could be many constraints and complexities, it all could be solved and still progress can be achieved with the help of technology. Many unbelievable things were made to happen through technology and one such thing is gaining the capability to change the living condition of a place within an enclosed space using technology. This has been used as an appliance in our daily life and it is the cooling and heating systems. The most successful of such appliances are the air conditioners. Air conditioner is not a system for ?nice to have?. In times of summer, it becomes a necessity. New models are more powerful, quieter and very efficient than earlier models. However, it still requires a lot of expertise and experience for air conditioning installation. It is best to hire professionals to take care of AC installation. But still few people look for to do it by themselves, below are some tips for such people.
The first step in air conditioner installation is to determine the size of the AC. It is mentioned in terms of tons. That is the heat quantity the AC can remove in an hour from a room or home. The larger the house, more the cooling power is needed. You can calculate the tonnage of the AC with the square foot of the house alone.
Next you have to hire a contractor. You can purchase the AC from the wholesaler and install but you need the skill to install and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification to handle the installation. Moreover, you need new breakers to fix in the electrical panel, fix wires through the foundation, new duct to be worked to link the HVAC and the mounting of the AC on a concrete pad or metal brackets. This is a crucial task to be done correctly. So it is better to hire a reputable AC professional and get a quotation on your system. It may range from $3000, $10,000 depending on the AC capacity which ranges from 2 tons to top of the line Ac systems.
There are also other facts such as tax breaks, rebates from the State governments. So it is worth to check before hiring the AC professionals.