How to Deter and Get Rid of Ants From Your Home

When ants invade your home, it is the time to battle with them and keep them out. Keep Ants from intruding or invading your home by using few common house hold products. You need not kill the ants with pesticides but you can choose any natural solution given below.Discourage the ants from entering into your home by sprinkling some salt on its path ways.
The calcium carbonate in the chalk helps to repel ants. Draw with this chalk a line in the areas where the ants are entering your home. Sprinkle powdered chalk around the garden plants in your yards to get rid of the ants.
The ants can be kept outdoors by sprinkling lemon juice in the places like doorways, windowsills, holes and cracks as they hate the smell of lemon.
For quick eviction of the ants pour some cayenne pepper down the ant holes and spray in the places
Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and spray in the picnic areas. Children playing places and in the foundation of your home
Pour a Puree of orange with warm water along your home foundation and in the ant holes.
If there are ants lining your pet?s bowl, discourage the ants lining by smearing the petroleum jelly around the bowl.