Base Metal Thickness – How it applies to you

    If you are about to purchase a steel building of any kind, you would have encountered two terms – Base Metal Thickness (BMT) and Total Coated Thickness (TCT). These are two very important abbreviations, and when investing in a steel shed, should be in your knowledge base, so we thought we would cover it in this blog.

BMT is the abbreviation for Base Metal Thickness, and this thickness is the measurement of the steel only – which is the most important measurement. This measurement of steel is the measurement that the current Australian standards say should be quoted by steel building manufactures.

steel building

Basically, the thickness of the steel is what identifies the quality of the steel, and the Base Metal Thickness will help you better determine the accurate measurement. Make sure you get the steels from the right supplier like

TCT however, stands for Total Coated Thickness, and this is the steel along with the paint coating. Shed suppliers who quote the Total Coated Thickness and not the Base Metal Thickness are essentially being misleading, as consumers could easily be confused and think that are getting thicker steel, when they are not.

Make sure you contact your local shed supplier and request the Base Metal Thickness of the steel used in the building you are designing, just visit for more details. Steel thickness is critical as you want to ensure that you erect only the strongest and most durable of steel sheds or garages on your property, so you can be confident in the safety of your building.

Also, don’t forget that correct erection of your steel building is just as important, so employ the services of a qualified shed erector and ensure they follow all supplied instructions closely, and don’t cut any corners with your build.

Carpet Cleaning In Wellington And Kapiti

Carpet Cleaning

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For their carpet cleaning methods, they use a hot water extraction method. This method leaves no residues. It cleans deep soil out and lifts all the surface dirt. Along with the hot water and high pressure, they also use detergents and cleaners that they mix with the pre spray to help get rid of the dirt and soil. Doing this type of cleaning though requires a number of steps and should only be done by professionals. It requires skill and knowledge to clean the carpets successfully. If it doesn’t get done right, mold could begin to grow and rot.

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